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Fresh Inventory
We get new clothing in seven days a week so there’s always something new! At the Toggery, not only will you find a constantly fresh array of fashion finds, you will find those items at up to 75% off the retail price.

To keep items fresh and moving in and out of the store, there is always merchandise on sale. Sale items are indicated by price tag color from 10-75% off Toggery’s original price, which equates to even higher savings compared to retail!

The Toggery offers clothing for any style and age group. Because our consigners come from all over, you will not only find the latest mall labels, but also items you cannot find in the local Indy area.

Come in for a relaxed and unique shopping experience with great customer service and an environment that lets you be yourself. Let your personal style shine!

Here are a few labels you are sure to find at The Toggery: