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  • Lynn’s Blurb

    Hello everyone, I’ve just returned from a trip home to the UK to see my family. It was a lovely trip, and a much needed break. My family is well, and active, in fact we spent several mornings walking across the farmers fields with the dogs, in our wellies and scarves. One of the things […]

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  • FALL in Love with Consignment

    It’s almost that time again!  Before you know it, we’ll be trading in our flip flops and maxi dresses for boots, jackets, and comfy sweaters. Have any last minute summer items to bring? —— August 8th LAST DAY to consign your light weight linens, swim wear, and such…    August 12th FIRST DAY for Fall/Winter Consignment […]

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  • It’s So Easy Being GREEN

    Love being green? So do we!  Come support the Toggery and our environment by purchasing a Reusable Bag with our patented Toggery Logo.  Once you’ve made your initial purchase, bring your bag in with you every Wednesday and receive 10% off your total purchase. And voila! Your bag is paid for! AND your saving the Earth, one […]

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  • Selling Guide

    Wondering what we’re buying right now? Look no further. The Toggery Selling Guide provides you with the most up-to-date styles and trends that we are currently selling.                                                                           

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