Hello everyone,

I’ve just returned from a trip home to the UK to see my family. It was a lovely trip, and a much needed break. My family is well, and active, in fact we spent several mornings walking across the farmers fields with the dogs, in our wellies and scarves.

Doncaster Races

One of the things I did was go to the Doncaster races with my sister. We dressed up in hats and dresses, but I actually felt somewhat underdressed compared to the over the top fascinators, hats and even formals. It was like Ascot but with more fashion on parade, if that’s possible. The weather was sunny so everyone bared their arms (some a little more) but quite a spectacle.

Rod Stewart Concert

We also went to see Rod Stewart and the Faces in Hurt Wood at the Surrey Polo Club, another venue with plenty of fashion on show. This venue was a lot more casual but lots of short booties, flowing capes, shawls and scarves. It did rain of course, but it never stops anyone in the UK. You just pull your wellies out of the back of your Land Rover and your Barbour jacket and off you go.

Shopping at Nottingham

I also noticed while shopping in Nottingham, that a lot of women wore neutrals, like camel, and off white, and greys, and of course a scarf thrown in for good measure.

I always think that Autumn really is an exciting time for fashion. It’s all so cozy and comfortable and easy. Lots of draping and layering. I LOVE IT!

I think, even after a year or two, everyone gets tired of wearing the same styles, and that is the time to go through your wardrobe and get ride of all the things that aren’t perfect, for whatever reason. You know how it is, the few extra pounds that crept on over your hips, or that outfit your ex boyfriend bought you, or you were having a moment of madness with that bright paisley coat that was on sale!

We always love to accept your gently used clothing and accessories, so that you have room for different things. My rule of thumb is: if I get something new, I have to get ride of something that I already own. So…no guilt either…

I just bought in the UK four pairs of black shoes: a kitten heel, a pump, a Mary Jane and a low heeled shoe with a buckle on the front. I got rid of 4 pairs of high pumps that killed me to wear for more than an hour! and why do I need 4 pairs of pumps anyway?!?!

I’m looking forward to a great season here at The Toggery, so come and say hello, and look around. I think you will be pleased with our selection. We have something for everyone. You can buy great stuff at fabulous prices and you can get ride of those things that no longer please you. It’s a win win situation for everyone!

Have a great season and we’ll talk again soon.

Lynn Burrows