Who We Are

The ToggeryThe Toggery is Indianapolis’ premier consignment and resale shop. We have been bringing affordable and unique fashion to Indianapolis since 1986. Since our doors first opened twenty-nine years ago, our long-standing relationships with our clientele and our reputation has set us apart. We are able to provide a great return for our consignors and a one of a kind shopping experience for our local fashionistas.

Lynn Burrows, who originally hails from Nottingham, England, founded The Toggery. The name “The Toggery” comes from the old English word “togs,” which means clothing. Lynn’s “tog” vision has come a long way from earning $3.00 on opening day in a 400 square foot shop. The Toggery has since expanded to 4,000 square feet and boasts an impressive client list.

Group shot finalThe Toggery offers more than unique finds and a way for Indianapolis ladies to recycle their wardrobe. We also offer a unique shopping experience, that brings consignors and shoppers coming back. Many of the same consignors and shoppers who supported the shop in its first year are still loyal clients today.

To many, The Toggery is a family. Our employees have passion for what they do and provide customer service that is unheard of in today’s shopping arena. When you step into The Toggery, you are greeted with a smile and you immediately start to relax. It sort of feels like going through your friend’s closet – comfortable and therapeutic. The Toggery offers a way to express yourself and personal style inwardly and outwardly while feeling the support of a great community of women.

About Lynn

Lynn courageously moved to Indianapolis when she was seventeen years old from Nottingham, England. After several years at Estee Lauder, followed by her role as a Promotional Rep. for Elizabeth Arden, Lynn decided the corporate life was not for her. With 400 square feet, a few dollars and her sister’s closet, her courage shone again when the Toggery opened its doors on April 2nd, 1986. Now open for 30 years, The Toggery is her life and she’s very proud of what it has become.

Lynn Burrows - The Toggery founder

Lynn Burrows – The Toggery founder

According to Lynn, fully embracing the idea that failure was not an option got her to where she is today. She’s very proud to have grown from one employee (herself) to ten and from 400 square feet to over 4,000. She’s also very proud of raising her son Oliver into adulthood as a single mom.

Lynn’s style is something eccentric yet refined: eclectic with a little Goth and a touch of 1940’s vintage, but most of all: black, black, and black! She loves big names such as Donna Karan and Tom Ford for Gucci Rive Gauche, but she also loves boutique labels such as Bordeaux and Sparrow.